Lelong Lelong!

Lama tak update blog. Kali ni nak lelong barang..nak clearkan closet dari barang-barang yang jarang dan ada yang belum pernah guna. Kalau nak boleh email okey . Harga included postage :))

Puffy jacket.
Free size (fit S-M)
Color: Grey.
RM 30.
Sangat vintage dan stylo ♥

‎.Romp jacket.
Free size.
Color: black.
Rm 25 only!
Condition cun lagi ;)

‎.Preloved Bag.
Tali panjang adjustable.
Baru pakai sekali.
99% baru.

Setakat ini sahaja. Kalau ada lagi aku update okey...daa~~

A Perfect Boyfriend

What a woman wants from a man..seriously this is not all about money and fame..this is the truth.. especially when you want him to your perfect HUSBAND.

Women want you (men) to:

*Give her your hoodie if she's cold.

*Give her a big t shirt of yours to sleep in.

*Leave her cute messages.

*Kiss her forehead.

*Tell her she looks beautiful NOT bomb.

*Look her in her eyes when you talk to her.

*Let her mess with your hair.

*Just walk around anywhere with her.

*Forgive her small mistakes.

*Hold her hand and NEVER let go.

*Let her fall asleep in your arms.

*Watch her favorite movie with her.

*When she is down..hold her!

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